“Dear Bill,

Just a short note of appreciation for the bowen treatment you gave me for my hip.As you know I have had the condition for approximately 5 years and I had reached the stage where I could not walk 25 yards without suffering severe pain,even a walk to the letter box was an ordeal. I’d had one dilation of the leg veins with absolutely no relief and was not looking forward to another vascular operation,at some considerable cost with quite a bit of consternation,I decided to try the bowen ( I must admit with some doubts ) and went to you for 3 treatments. The results are more than I hoped for in my wildest dreams,I am now going to the gym,walking the treadmill for up to 30 minutes without pain and feeling like my legs could run a marathon.

 Thanks again for everything” – Gil Davies



“My mum offered to pay for Bowen Therapy on my dog (Maggie) as she has a damaged cruciate ligament and also the bone in the same leg is unaligned and needed a wedge cut out of it to bring the damaged leg back into line.
As the operation quoted by the Vet Specialist was $4000 along with six weeks that Maggie would have to be contained and not to mention it may not be successful I was desperate so took Mum up on her offer.
I was dubious about Bowen Therapy and wasn’t prepared to spend money on it as I would have preferred to put any money towards surgery, but as mum was paying, it couldn’t hurt trying!
Well I believe in magic now!!!
Bill has had four sessions with Maggie now and although the the leg is still not 100% it is 90% better and my dog is her happy self again! It is a miracle!!! It really is.
She is only stiff on her leg when she has been sitting or lying down for a while and once she has been walking for a minute the stiffness goes. Before she would be stiff all the time and if she had a quick run she would really pay for it the next day, walks were becoming a thing of the past as she wouldn’t be able to use her leg the next day. Now she’s back to playing her favourite game of chasing the puddy cats (she adores cats) and can go for a half hour walk with no consequences.
Like I said it’s not 100% better yet! But we are 90% of the way and after the first session I even noticed a small difference. Now after four sessions I notice a major difference. Maggie needs to see Bill every five weeks for maintenance now and it is worth every cent! Bill really you should charge more as you are amazing!
I know I’m going on; but the reason mum suggested to try Bowen is because of my deceased Pop who was a stubborn man and doctors were the only ones that could help and anyone else was cuckoo! Mum told me this story and that’s how I decided to give it a go for Maggie!
Pop had Bowen done on him by Bill when Bill was in training (that has its own story behind how that happened). Now Pop had a damaged shoulder from the war and no one could help, Pop had the pain for years!
Along came Bill and healed Pop’s shoulder, again not 100% as it was pretty damaged, but again on the 90% level! If you knew my Pop you would understand again why this was another magic moment. My Pop actually recommended Bill,OMG, the cuckoo Bill helped my Pop! What’s that about Doctor’s Pop :-)
So now I can not recommend Bill highly enough to anyone! If you do get treatment off Bill for yourself or pets, get 3 treatments to see full effects!
And Bill, thank you for helping my beautiful Maggie get her life back to normal!
And yes I am now getting Bowen done on myself, I will keep you posted! But so far my body is feeling the benefits. And I have had back issues all my life as I have scoliosis!”Emma


“I started Bowen therapy treatments with Bill, less than a year ago. I was determined to find the way out of my ongoing health issues that have been going for almost two years. My very good friend has recommend Healing with Bowen Therapy with Bill, she swore by it. I saw a huge change in her so was open to start something new. I didn’t know anything about Bowen Therapy at the time. I have had severe muscle and joint inflammation and have been seeing rheumatologist at the time. She prescribed three different types of medication that haven’t made much of a difference. I also searched other treatments so I tried osteopathic treatment and naturopath, all which have helped slightly. Once I started Bowen Therapy, I felt improvements and mobility in my muscle and joints from the first few sessions. My mobility was increasing and my pain was decreasing within three months, to the point that my social life was slowly getting back on track. I was mostly staying home as I couldn’t walk, stand or sit for too long. As I continued having monthly treatments, I felt much better in my overall health. My headaches, neck and back tensions have reduced, my head and my mind was much clearer but most importantly my energy levels have gone up. I have started to feel almost fully recovered. My medications have been reduced to a minimum and I am back to my normal self. I am very grateful to Bill for his miracle treatment that has brought me back to life”Lucy


“I was diagnosed with stones in June, have received Bowen therapy since then and I am glad to announce that I am pain free and stone free for the last 6weeks. My specialist is even in shock!!! If you are suffering from any health or physical issues you must give Bowen Therapy a go. The best thing is that he is mobile” – Nalan

“Our son Mitchell, who is in Year 11, has suffered from severe migraines for approximately 18 months. Last year, he had 11 episodes; normally around exam time. What led us to Bowen Therapy, was my sister in Queensland who also suffers from migraines had success with it; so we thought we would give it a try here in Sydney.
Bill has treated Mitchell 8 times since December 2014 and in the past 9 months Mitchell has only had 2 migraines. So I believe with medication and Bill’s Bowen Therapy his episodes have reduced considerably. Thanks Bill for your help.
” – Steve King